White Paper: The MESMER Counter-Drone Platform


“The widespread use of drones by private commercial and government organizations poses a significant supply chain risk management problem of an unknown but likely substantial magnitude.”

Discover the threats posed by commercial drones and learn how ASD’s MESMER counter drone platform can be used to defeat them in a non-destructive way. MESMER uses patented algorithms and secure networking technology to detect, identify and defeat Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) drones used by individuals and groups ranging from hobbyists who inadvertently fly into a restricted area to terrorists who seek to cause havoc and destruction. MESMER technology uses a low-power, FCC-compliant signal and proprietary algorithms to generate temporary, non-destructive effects on the targeted drone to prevent the drone from entering protected airspace. The drone can then be recovered by security forces or its owner, thereby ensuring the inviolability of the protected area and appropriate consequences for the drone operator.