White Paper: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Migration


Background: ASD holds the Joint Staff Integrated Network Support Services (JS INSS) contract, where it supports the JS Information Network (JSIN) legacy infrastructure that includes Task Order Management, Service Desk, Knowledge Engineering, Network Operations, Systems Integration, Cable Plant, and Surge Support.

Though not specifically tasked via the original contract, ASD was tasked under a separately funded project to migrate a minimum 80% of the 5000 thick clients to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Approximately 2500 end-users in the Pentagon and proximity locations were moved to VDI, operating both NIPR and SIPR workstations. Prior to this tasking the JS J6 had undertaken a pilot program of approximately 160 users as a proof of concept for VDI technology. Recognizing the value in operations cost savings and security management, the JS J6 took advantage of ASD’s JS INSS contract to move forward with the full Joint Staff transition to VDI.